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FINGERS Knockout Portable Speakers
FINGERS Knockout Portable Speakers bundled with Mic
FINGERS Knockout Portable Speakers Mic
FINGERS Knockout Portable Speakers Packaging
Fingers Knockout - Black in Portable Speakers


The Toughest Speaker in India

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Now gets going with Knockout - India’s toughest speaker. 
Shockproof? Check.
Drop Proof? Check.
Crush-proof? Check.

Knockout Portable Bluetooth Speaker

is virtually indestructible and comes with a super rugged exterior so your music still plays even when your speaker is dropped or knocked! It offers an exhilarating sound experience with a bass so po...

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MRP  4,299

Warranty: 1 Year

MRP 4,299

Warranty: 1 Year





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1Tested under ideal conditions and in BT playback mode. Playback time may vary depending on usage, playback mode and volume levels.
2Can withstand up to 18 drops with up to height of 1 m.
3TWS function can only be enabled to pair two Knockout Portable Speakers.


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