FINGERS P2.0 Multimedia 2.0 Speakers
FINGERS P2.0 Computer Multimedia Speakers
P2.0 - Piano Black


Complements your PC set-up, perfectly

Your computer delivers everything. Except - Great sound!

That’s where

FINGERS P2.0 Speakers

come in.

Not only is it sleek and stylish, but also delivers outstanding life-like sound. Music, Videos, Games and all the content you love will sound spacious, immersive and bass-he...

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MRP  1,099

Warranty: 1 Year

MRP 1,099

Warranty: 1 Year

Fingers P2.0 Speaker

2 speakers rolled into one
Space-saving & Elegant Design

Fingers P2.0 Speaker

Crystal Clear Room
filling Sound

Fingers P2.0 Speaker

Can be played either
vertically or horizontally

Fingers P2.0 Speaker

Looks perfect in any
home and office

Fingers P2.0 Speaker

Volume Dial with illuminating
Blue LED lights

Fingers P2.0 Speaker
Fingers P2.0 Speaker

Spacious sound with
two speakers rolled into one

What’s even better than having two speakers?
Two speakers rolled in one!
Yes, with the versatile P2.0 speakers - You get two speakers in a single form factor that provides immersive sound at any given volume. As a cherry on top, it can also be played vertically or horizontally.

Magnetically shielded for
Seamless Experience

Designed with magnetic shield, P2.0 ensures seamless listening experience without any distortion. Means you no longer have to worry about any interference that can be caused by other peripherals connected in a PC setup.

Fingers P2.0 Speaker
Fingers P2.0 Speaker
Fingers P2.0 Speaker

Content comes alive with P2.0

Equipped with Volume Dial with illuminating Blue LED lights, it exudes soothing party vibes while at home or in office.
And because P2.0 Speakers offers uncompressed audio, it ensures you’re getting the ultimate PC speaker experience whether you’re showcasing your passion with your colleagues at work or you’re gaming, listening to your favourite jam or simply binge-watching your favourite shows.

Fingers P2.0 Speaker

A dazzling computer accessory!

P2.0 speakers is the perfect companion for your PCs/Laptops and will look great in every home and office. A sleek space saving design complemented by a rich black piano finish makes this a visual treat.

Fingers P2.0 Speaker

Simple Plug-n-Play setup

Simply plug it into any plug point and connect with your computer/laptop to enjoy crystal clear room-filling sound instantly.

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Fingers P2.0 Speaker

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