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  FINGERS Joshhh 2.1 Wood Encased Speakers
FINGERS Joshhh 2.1 Multimedia Speakers
FINGERS Joshhh 2.1 Multimedia Speakers with Remote Control
Fingers Joshhh - black in 2.1 Speakers


Not just “Josh”, it’s “JOSHHH” with extra thump!

“Josh” doesn’t do justice to the level of Josh and insane bass packed in FINGERS

Joshhh 2.1 speakers.

The extra ‘H’ therefore, to sum up the power-packed thump and passion that these speakers deliver.
Fuel your musical passion with Joshhh, the epitome of versatility. Whether it is Bluetooth, MicroSD, USB, Aux or FM, music can be wirelessly streamed and enjoyed. Encased in a rich wooden structure,...

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MRP  3,199

Warranty: 1 Year

MRP 3,199

Warranty: 1 Year


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