FINGERS Pico MusiTalk BT10
FINGERS Pico MusiTalk BT10 Bluetooth Mono Earphones
FINGERS Pico MusiTalk BT10 Bluetooth Mono Earphones

Pico MusiTalk BT10

Sized Pico. Sounds Giga

Indulge into comfort that a completely wireless world has to offer.

FINGERS Pico MusiTalk Mono Bluetooth Earphone

comes in a beautiful candy-size that is virtually invisible when worn. Meticulously designed for hands-free, clear and crisp conversations. Enjoy the comfort of hands-free calling with your loved ones.


MRP  1,299

Warranty: 1 Year

MRP 1,299

Warranty: 1 Year

Tech Specs

*Tested under ideal conditions and varies depending on usage and volume levels.
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