RGB-Bruno C5 - Black
RGB-Bruno C5 - Black
RGB-Bruno C5 - Black
RGB-Bruno C5 - Black

RGB-Bruno C5

A Stylish Shield for your PC - With ARGB LEDs

Bruno means Shield and


is the trendiest shield ever for your desktop! Featuring a stylish matte black look with an edge to edge vertical ARGB LED strip, it is sure to give your deskspace an eye-catching makeover!


Equipped with multiple USB ports of 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0 and Audio + Mic inputs, RGB-Bruno makes multi-tasking a breeze. And system heating becomes a thing of the past with a...

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MRP  2,999

Warranty: 1 Year

MRP 2,999

Warranty: 1 Year

Fingers RGB-Bruno-C5

RGB-Bruno C5
Fashion PC Cases

light options!
- one for every mood.

A New Trend -
PC Cases with ARGB LEDs

FINGERS takes fashionable PC Cases a step ahead with ARGB LEDs. Your deskspace will never look the same again!


Lean but Mean

Along with beauty - enjoy sturdiness, durability, high quality and non-corrosion longevity with a strong chassis structure.

Fingers RGB-Bruno-C5
Fingers RGB-Bruno-C5

PC longevity

Thanks to efficient ventilation and bundled with high performance SMPS, RGB-Bruno C5 increases the longevity of your precious devices and boosts your journey towards peak performance.


Easy and Quick
to Assemble

Need for Speed?
Exclusively crafted and designed to integrate all the components internally with ease, it hardly takes any time to set up your PC so you can spend time doing what you love most.


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